About us

Hi! I’m Daniel, founder of Eating With Carmen – Food Tours

Food has always been my passion and I want to share that passion with people from all over the world. Mexican food is full of history and it is a real treasure. I´m very happy to be able to show you its unique flavors, going from street stations to gourmet restaurants while walking through the streets of Playa del Carmen.

Eating With Carmen – Food Tours was born as an alternative to what most usually see in Playa del Carmen. Our idea is to be able to take our visitors to enjoy the flavors, smells and colors of Mexican food, generally away from the major tourist spots of the city and also be able to support local and small businesses in Playa del Carmen with our presence.

Everyone who visits the city asks, Where can I go to eat? In Eating With Carmen – Food Tours we take care of giving you a tour of the city and introducing yourself into the gastronomic world of Mexico from a global and authentic point of view so that you can experience Mexican food as a whole, together with local people. Come and join us!



The Team