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Authentic Local Experience

Explore the true Playa del Carmen: the one we know & love.
Marinate in the history, food, beverages, culture & people. The most popular food tour in Playa del Carmen
(just ask our raving fans!)
Adults$54 USD/Person.

Starting Time: 5 pm

Seafood Madness

Tender seafood, savory drinks and off the beaten path. Join us on this truly one-of-a-kind walking food tour!
Get ready to sink your teeth into incredible Mexican seafood while strolling through Playa del Carmen.
Adults$74 USD/Person

Starting Time: 12 pm

Gourmet Trail

Incredible Mexican gourmet food.
Visit the best gourmet restaurants in town and try the real Mexican food prepared and created by the best chefs in Playa del Carmen.
A unique experience you can’t miss.
Adults$110 USD/Person

Starting Time: 6 pm

Vegan Delight

Amazing Mexican food with a Vegan Twist.
Enjoy the flavor that Mexico has to offer in this 100% vegan food tour!
Let’s walk around the streets of Playa del Carmen and discover it’s incredible Mexican vegan food.
Adults: $59 USD/Person

Starting Time: 5 pm

For Foodies with an Appetite for Adventure

Join us for an unforgettablehands-on
walking food tour experience.

The top food tour in Playa del Carmen to become familiar
with the town & people, and to dive into Mexican cuisines
you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

 It’s no wonder Eating With Carmen Food Tours 
is the preferred experience for visitors, expats and locals
to enjoy Playa del Carmen.

From sizzling street food to Mexican culture,
there’s something just waiting for you to discover.

Rated continuously as the Best Food Tours in Playa del Carmen

Learn the history of Playa del Carmen.

Quench your thirst for culture and unparalleled new experiences.

Satisfy your appetite with rich, authentic Mexican food.


Helping local businesses and making people happy!


Happy Foodies


Tacos Served


Local Restaurants Supported

Our Raving Fans

“One of the best playa del carmen food tours we've ever been on. We took the Seafood tour and ended up being the only people on it - having a private tour was incredible! We are no strangers to diverse and interesting eating destinations and they were more than generous with their knowledge of the Playa del Carmen area - beyond the tour itself, they imparted valuable information regarding the culture and people of Mexico. The places they took us to were fabulous and we are definitely excited to revisit them and would love to take a more intensive tour with them in the future. Generous, friendly, open and giving, this tour is a must for any seafood lover who wants to see a bit more than the standard tourist fare!”

Elise L

“Taste of the real Mexican Cusine!
A must do experience!!!! This tour is so much more than just eating great authentic food.
Danny immediately made us feel at home. Went to places we wouldn't have gone to, if not for this tour. The food was amazing and the company even better. His knowledge of the cuisine and the culture is unrepresented.”

Karen S

“Want to get a real feel for the food, people, and possibilities in Playa del Carmen?
Daniel was full of insights into life in Playa, it’s history, and it’s people. With each food came a new lesson about origins, myths, and misconceptions. The level of commitment, passion, and absolute excellence Daniel brings to his tours is unrivaled. Take a tour with him and you’ll feel like you’re seeing the “real” Playa del Carmen, meeting the “real” people who live there, and eating “real” non-Americanized food with all the history, stories, and discoveries that come with it.”

Pete M.

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